#CindySays Why don’t we “love” the new Star Wars stories?

Seriously… Why don’t we?

I’m currently watching Solo which is new to DVD and rental. Yes, rental. Because of all the bad buzz around the rotating directors, I just never made it to the theater — which is exactly where it should be seen.

It’s a decent space cowboy flick. The action is quick, with believable robots and aliens, powerful explosions, and solid character portrayals. It’s fair as an origin story and somewhat revolves around the famed “Kessel Run”, so often heralded. Han, Chewie, and Lando are the main characters we know, save a cameo by Darth Maul at the end. Solo gives us the foundation of the feud between Han and Lando. L-3 is a fantastic, albeit brief, addition to the stable. Betrayals by Tobias Beckett, the villainous traitor, and Qi’ra, the one that got away, help us understand the roots of Han’s quasi scoundrel nature. Solo is the segue to Han’s employ by Jabba, and most importantly, the foreshadowing of the birth of the rebellion against the empire. By the way…. Enfys Nest was electric on screen. Let us see that chronicle soon, shall we?

Technically, all the parts are there. In fact, each of the new Star Wars films, be they sequel, origin or original, have all delivered on that count.

The critics are on board for the most part on these new films — I checked. Phantom Menace was a splat at 55%, nor did Attack of the Clones didn’t fare as well at 66%. Solo was the next weakest offering at 70% fresh, but that reason was made pretty clear. The stories from Force Awakens forward, have contained all the elements that we loved about the originals. However, the audience reaction does not always sync up with the critics.

So, what’s missing?

It’s not action. It’s big. It’s loud. No complaints there. CGI and production quality are top notch.

It’s not humor. There’s an adequate sprinkling of twinkles mixed with the action. I would be lax if I neglected to mention the ongoing gag about the Kessel Run happening in 12 (yes 12!) parsecs — which (my PhD brother pointed out long ago) makes no sense! (A parsec is a measure of distance, not speed, for you newbies out there.)

It’s not earnest. There’s plenty of whining going on in Force Awakens and Last Jedi. In fact, Finn rivals Luke’s level displayed in New Hope.

Maybe it’s simple fact: we don’t want to move on. We just don’t want to say goodbye to these characters that captured our imagination and transported us to a long ago, far away galaxy. We have known and loved these people for over four decades. Of course, its illogical to think that that this telling of the saga was sustainable. Life intrudes into fantasy, and has taken away our Leia. True, they are older, but did we need to age them out?? Most importantly, was dangling them in front of us and then stripping them away one by one, the right way to go about it? That’s a big NO, for me.

Maybe it’s heart? I feel that Rey, Finn and Poe are all likable, and a good juxtaposition to Snoke, Hux and Kylo Ren. We can work with that. That said, here’s the thing: you just need to help us grow to love them more. Let’s use the action as a backdrop to knowing them as people, instead of the action being the main character. And, I truly wish the story tellers would follow through on Rey’s heritage in a way that would measure up to the hype! Don’t let us down there.

Finally, I think that the addition of Ron Howard is a good one, as he gets heart and sentiment. Can we keep him??

So, those are my notes…. can we do that next time, please? Thanks!!

Solo stars: Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clark, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Thandi Newton, Paul Bettany, John Favreau, Joonas Suotamo

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#CindySays : 🌟🌟🌟✨ … Solo gets a 3 1/2. A solid B- effort, but with room for improvement.

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