#CindySays: Facebook: Are you in? Or, are you out?

Is it time to get off Social Media?

My constitutional rights say that I have a right to privacy, but I give that up by using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other app that uses data mining and algorithms to target products to consumers — and now, tell them who to vote for, we’ve learned.

The advantages of social media are many.  It provides a vehicle that efficiently delivers important information and news alerts to the masses. I will attest to the fact that I feel closer to my family and friends because I can passively gain access to their activities, photos and feelings. In turn, I can paint the prettiest picture of my life, sharing moments evidenced by only the most flattering selfies or funniest memes.  Likewise, I’m sure.

However, it also limits my access by virtue of my sheer laziness. I used to regularly see Dan Rather’s post. Now, I can’t recall when the last one popped up in my feed. The same goes for other people and pages that I don’t even realize that I am missing. Alternatively, I do now have more time to find out what my St. Paddy’s name would be, or what celebrity I would morph into with a tad more luck than I was granted genetically.

Of course, there are the psychological ramifications. It can make you feel bad when you see your supposed friends hanging out and having fun — without you.  It became obvious that anonymity offers the ability to provide opinion, insults and barbs on a “post and run” basis.  It sure whipped us all into such a political frenzy during the 2016 election that our manners have become nonexistent and our tolerance seems to be diluted. You, me, we downright don’t like seem to care for each other as humans, and no longer see people, just opinion. And, that’s typically the wrong one, if it differs from our own.

Now, everything is up for grabs and suspect.  When can we be sure that news is real news?  When is another data breach not a data breach? It’s clear that my FB data is mined, however not really mine. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal unraveling, and more coming out everyday, when is enough, enough?  If you’re listening Mark Z, I’m not telling you what to do.  But, I’m saying that to myself.  If this aspect of my life so important?

In reality, I can’t complain too loudly. I am able to share this opinion exclusively because social media created an outlet that allows a regular person to launch ideas into cyberspace. But, I dare say, things have gotten a bit out of hand, and it’s time to consider whether the benefit now outweighs the risk.

#CindySays asks… Can you #DeleteFacebook? What do you think?


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