#CindySays Review – Amazon Original: Oasis (Pilot) 

The intent of a pilot is to open a door just enough to give you a peek. If it is a good one, it will set the foundation, establish characters, give you a tantalizing taste of things to come– and leave you wanting more. Oasis does that exactly. Reminiscent of sci-fi stories told before, it reveals a bleak future not so distant. Set in 2032, the earth, finally blighted by the product of unfettered ignorance, now offers limited resources and teeming disease. Yet, hope is to be found on distant Oasis, a planet under engineering to shoulder the burden of humanity once Mother Earth is spent.

Oasis is seen through the eyes of ecumenical priest Peter, who is summoned by the [friend?] team’s leader David Morgan to bring God to the planet. Yet, when he arrives David’s whereabouts are unknown — which is only the first of mysterious and strange happenings on Oasis.

God and religion are not typically present in futuristic tales as perhaps it is thought that the logic of science precludes man from belief in the mysteries of the Divine. Yet, what better circumstances in which to have faith in God than when contemplating a desperate and finite existence? As our world speeds toward a similar fate, this makes perfect sense to me.

Unfortunately, this is one episode made available by Amazon to test market their content during “Pilot Season”.   Don’t get super excited as we may never see it developed, and it seriously leaves you hanging. But, by the large number of other positive reviews (8.3 aggregate rating), people would definitely like to see more of Oasis.  

Stars Richard Madden (our Robb Stark on GOT), Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense) interestingly enough, Mark Addy (GOT, A Knight’s Tale)  and others 😉. Directed by Kevin MacDonald

#CindySays : 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Hey Amazon, hope you get that message!  

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