#CindySays Netflix Find: Offspring (TV series)

Looking for a new Netflix fix? Check out the series Offspring. 

From Australia, it centers around Nina, an obstetrician who is brilliant at work but sort of a mess otherwise. 

More of a dramedy, think a lighter version of Grey’s Anatomy times Ally McBeal plus extended family and coworkers that are constantly in each others’ business. 

Romance seems to be top of mind for everyone and there are certainly some “interesting” pair ups. More than that though, it is about the importance of family on all levels.  Even when they try oh so hard to get it right,  it still goes so very wrong. Like Lucy and Ethel on steroids wrong.

Lovely characters, well acted, and heartwarming … It will give you all the feels.

5 seasons are available on Netflix. If you’re hooked, there’s a 6th season that was released this summer, but so far it’s not been easy for me to find / stream in the US. 

#OffspringTVshow #CindySays #NetflixFind 

Thank you Australia, may I  please have another?!! 

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