#CindySays Netflix Find: Glitch (TV series)

Here’s another Netflix find to tell you about that definitely piqued my interest. 

Six people, and up from the grave they   arose: reason unknown, all ages and years. It centers on those raised of course, and the policeman and doctor trying to help figure it all out. 

Does this sound familiar to you? It might, as it is very similar (as in identical) in premise to the French(Les Revenants) series, and US adaptation, The Returned. 

Glitch may start in a similar place but soon ventures away in subplot and subterfuge on top of the overt mystery. 

Glitch is out of Australia, but new to Netflix US. Season 1 (6 episodes) is all that is available now. The worldwide interwebs tell me that it  was renewed by ABC/Australia and season 2 will air there in 2017. So, more will be coming, but it will be awhile for the US.

#CindySays check it out!   You can find all of the above mentioned series on Netflix. 

IMDb them: Glitch, Les Revenants and The Returned 

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