New Discovery: Vexed (Netflix)

I wonder. I think I have a bit of attention deficit when it comes to binge watching. I’ll get into a new show and really like it and then … pow.  All of a sudden it’s like sensory overload. Can’t watch that one… for a while!  I need to cleanse my palette, so to speak, and that is when I go looking for something completely different.

So, I am currently in that space with Alias, and went looking for lighter fare. Found it! Vexed!  It is British, so take what you know… dry, rapier wit but then add an absolutely irreverent, un-PC bent and you’ve got it!!

Vexed is a cop show about two DIs… That’s Detective Inspector to you and me… DI Jack Armstrong is a cynical slacker, who thinks hitting on women and his tailoring appointment take more precedence than solving crimes. His new partner DI Kate Bishop, is a bit more serious than that, but then she’s got distracting problems of her own.  

This crime comedy stars Toby Stephens as Jack, and Lucy Punch as Kate.   I knew I’d seen Toby before but couldn’t connect him until I looked it up. He’s that super hot pirate in Black Sails (on Starz)!   I remember Lucy from a bunch of movies including Hot Fuzz and Into the Woods.  In perusing their IMDB profiles, there is so much more there that you will recognize as well. Either way, they could not be more on point in this. There’s a partner change in Season 2, and Miranda Raison’s by the book DI Georgina Dixon enters the scene.  

Now, I am partial to all things from the UK as it sends me back in time to the 3 years I spent there as an expat kid in Bristol.  But, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  If you guffaw during the first scene, I know that you will like this show.  You won’t find it a big, big commitment either, as there are only two seasons (9 episodes total) available on Netflix. It looks like it might still be in production, so hopefully more to be added down the line. (You can find it on Amazon as well, but doesn’t look like it is Prime.)

Cindy says:  If you like your comedies and/or crime shows a bit unconventional, then give this one a try — ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommendations:  If you like this, try Brooklyn Nine-Nine(huluplus) or The Good Guys(1 season/20 episodes – Netflix).

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